Water Management

Our new state-of the art, purpose built facility has incorporated water tanks to collect rain water run-off from roofing surfaces. This is utilised to water over 500 native Australian bushes and trees which have been planted to off-set greenhouse emissions. Rain water run-off stored in our water tanks is also used in conjunction with grey water in our water saving, eco-friendly bus wash and cleaning bays and is recycled from drainage cleaning areas utilising the latest eco-friendly vehicle cleaning technology.

Energy Management

At all offices and depots throughout Australia, Dysons / Cobb & Co use energy efficient light bulbs including LED lighting and natural light at all times where possible. Our 19 Million Dollar purpose built depot in Melbourne was specifically designed to maximise the use of natural light and energy with an abundance of skylights and glass panels.

Programs Currently Participating In
Darrebin Creek Management Committee (DCMC)

DCMC manages projects along the Darrebin Creek catchment area which is adjacent to our National Headquarters located in the Northern region of Melbourne. The committee works with educational institutions, government agencies, landholders, businesses and the general public to restore, improve local amenity, improve habitat and off-set carbon emissions for various sections of Darrebin Creek. The section of the creek to be adopted by the Dyson Group of Companies is the natural habitat to the Growling Grass Frog. The Growling Grass Frog is an endangered species which was once common in the local area. The overall community goal is to increase bio-diversity and water quality to a natural waterway which is currently degraded with weed species including Patterson's Curse, Atichoke Thistle and Pampas Grass due to neglect and modern development.

Waste Management

  • Dysons / Cobb & Co use bio-degradable environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean the interior and exterior of all vehicles. The use of these cleaning products extends to all depots and office locations throughout Australia including the usage of recycling bins for plastic bottles and paper products.
  • Further to this, Dysons / Cobb & Co uses electronic communication at every opportunity including the setting of printers at the most economical and green printing settings available.
  • Signage and banners are re-usable and constructed of recyclable materials.
  • From a catering perspective, Dysons / Cobb & Co only use recyclable, disposable cups, plates, napkins and cutlery for all tours and charters.
  • Where possible we utilise fresh, local seasonal food available in the various regions of our operation.


Strategies Implemented
Reducing Storm Water Pollution

As a concerned corporate citizen, Dysons / Cobb & Co recognises our responsibility to help save water and to help keep our waterways as clean as possible from oil, grease and other pollutants that wash off of vehicle service sites into stormwater drains. 

The following strategies have been implemented to reduce stormwater pollution:

  • All oil and fuel spills are cleaned up immediately using the appropriate biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly spill kits.
  • Vehicle oil and fuel leaks identified during maintainence activities are addressed immediately with regular spot-checks and corrective procedure management systems.
  • Daily inspections of all vehicle parking areas for evidence of oil or fuel spills. Suspect vehicles are reported to Fleet Services General Manager immediately.

Dysons is registered under the Department of Climate Change, National and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act 2007. Under this program, we report our national energy usage and carbon footprint each year. Dyson’s was voluntarily registered under NGER’s predecessor, the Department of Environment, Greenhouse Challenge Plus program since June 2000. We use this information to measure our progress year-on-year.