Driver Prerequisites

Driver Prerequisites

How can I become a Bus Driver?

Being a Bus Driver is both a challenging and rewarding role. We are looking for people with exceptional customer service skills and a good driving record who enjoy interacting with the public and can provide a reliable quality service to the community.

In order to be considered for a role at Dysons, Bus Drivers must have the following:

Heavy Vehicle License
You must have a medium-rigid (MR) drivers’ license as a minimum. Your license must be a full license, and not a probationary license.

If you apply for a job with Dysons, you will need to provide a current VicRoads Demerit Point Statement confirming your license status.

For more information you can contact VicRoads at

Driver Accreditation
You also need to have a relevant Driver Accreditation allowing you to drive passenger vehicles (previously known as a Driver Certificate or DC). In Victoria, the Taxi Directorate issue Driver Accreditations and you are required to undergo a police check and medical assessment in order to apply for one. You must have a current Driver Accreditation to be considered for a bus driving job at Dysons.

For more information you can contact the Taxi Directorate at

Prior experience in driving a bus is highly regarded. If you have not driven a bus before, we strongly recommend you complete a bus driving training course to gain an understanding of bus driving. Even if you are experienced driving a heavy vehicle such as a truck, you will find the requirements of driving a bus are different and completing a bus specific training course will provide you valuable experience that can assist your application.

Please note that the manufacturers of our driver’s bus seats have implemented weight limits for the safe use of their equipment. To ensure that Dysons can provide employees with a safe work environment bus driver applicants are required to weigh between 50kg and 125kg to keep in line with the manufactures specifications.